Review Policy

All of our reviews will be posted to the Masquerade Romance site, Amazon and Goodreads. YES, we do post negative reviews. Some reviews may be chosen for syndication for the main Masquerade Crew site. (Disclaimer: Some books will receive multiple reviews. We will post the first submitted review to Amazon).

We accept eBooks and print copies, and expect that books submitted for review on the Masquerade Romance site will be provided to us for FREE. A request will be made for all (e)books to be submitted to our review manager, DeeJay, at the time of your submission. Books on-hand will be given preference over books we do not have on-hand. Any books submitted to DeeJay will never be shared with any other parties besides the reviewers that requests them.

Sub-Genres of Romance we do NOT Review

  • Poetry 
  • Religious
  • Children's Lit (in a Romance?)
  • Comic Books/Graphic Novels (once again, probably not in a Romance anyway)

Our Rating System


We take time away from our own busy lives to review books because we love them! With that said, our reviews are the PERSONAL OPINIONS of our reviewers. Just because you may not like what we have to say about your book or writing, does not mean we will take down the review or change it in any way. Any requests of this nature (including requests to preview reviews before posting) will be ignored. However, we promise to be honest and fair in our reviews, and to never bash any literary effort simply for the sake of bashing it.

Reviews are NOT guaranteed! Even if a reviewer chooses your book to read, it does not mean they will review it. If they feel they cannot provide honest feedback on a particular book, they have every right to pass on writing a review. We cannot, and will not, force our reviewers to write reviews. However, we will not allow our reviewers to continue to requests books if they do not write reviews either.

We also allow multiple reviewers to review the same book. In the event of more than one review being submitted, we will always give the highest rating out of the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Indie Interviews and Giveaways

If you are interested in being a featured as an author for one of our "Indie Interviews", then please state so in your request. Crew Member, Bella, will get in contact with all parties she is interested in interviewing.

Masquerade Romance will only host giveaways for books our reviewers select to review. If you are interested in doing a giveaway with us, then state so in your request. DeeJay will contact you with details whenever your book is selected for review.

Questions? Concerns? Send Mark an email: 


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